Author: Sarah Winkler

Launch Of An Online Lottery In New Hampshire

New Hampshire became the 6 th state of the United States to launch its online lottery. This week we saw the emergence of many lottery products online. This will delight local internet users and develop the state’s economy.

A little anecdote

According to the history of gambling in the United States, New Hampshire was the first state in the country to run a 1964 lottery. Back then, results varied and depended on horse racing. Tickets were on sale at tobacco kiosks at the time and in bars. Also, we found that this activity really had an impact on the country’s economy.

Customers are currently spoiled for choice when it comes to the different products and features available to them. This week, to decorate it all, players can play the lottery online. The adoption of this new modality was ratified by Governor Chris Sunumu 2 months ago.

NeoPollard Interactive becomes the supplier of this modality

As a result of this governor’s approval, the Michigan-based lottery company was chosen to run and operate this statewide system. The purpose of this new option is to bring something new to players. A prospect that will retain old customers and welcome new customers. Also, this technology will improve the gaming experience for players. The game mode was only made official this week, but according to reports, iLottery activities have already taken place since September 4th. Since then, a gain of more than 360,000 dollars has been distributed. 4,200 players have taken part in the game since that launch date. There are 8 types of lottery games that will be offered to players. They will therefore be spoiled thanks to iLottery.

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